The Travelling Massage Therapist

I travel the world to give massages.

Where am I right now? 

? Berlin, Germany

Where am I right now? 

Berlin, Germany



About me


My name is Stefanie Huttner, born 1978 in the south of Germany.

I am a medical certified sports massage therapist since more than 10 years.

• Swedish massage
• Triggerpoint therapy
• Fascia and deep tissue massage

I took education in
• Reflexology
• Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi
• Dorn-Breuss Method
• Hot Stone Massage

I did years of intensive personal development coaching and courses where I practised:
• Deep relaxation techniques
• Training to read and translate the body´s language (holistic human understanding)
• Body-mind-soul-connections
• Social body-life-feedback

I worked in several well-respected 5 Star Hotels in Munich & Mallorca where I received trainings:
• Ayurvedic
• Balinese
• Thai massage stretching
• Aromatherapy
• Lymph drainage
• Indian head massage.

On my journey to Maui I got introduced to Bamboo Stick techniques.

In 2008 I had my own practise in Munich, but decided to move to Mallorca.

In the last three years I enjoyed working together with experienced osteopaths and health coaches from the high performing health centers of “Osteopalma” and “Matrix Room sports”.

During all my life I am trying different styles of nutrition, from low-carb, to no sugar, to high protein, to vegetarian, vegan style and superfoods.

During my work at training camps with professional Crossfit athletes I also assisted cooking, so I can give nutrition advice too.


My work does not feel like work to me.

I love to discover and to care,

To inspire and to share,

To feel, support and heal.

It´s part of my personality.

It is all a natural expression to me.

Happy customers

“I’m here in Palma preparing for the CrossFit Games Regionals and have been lucky enough to have Stefanie looking after me. We’re training at high intensity so it is vital my body is recovered and can keep training hard and I’m ready to compete! Thank you Stefanie ;-)”

Samantha Briggs

Crossfit Athlete, 1st Games 2013

“I was often treated by Stefanie. She has a very friendly nature and always arrived punctually. Her therapeutic massages have always helped me with my shoulder discomfort, my indigestion and stress. Often I was deeply relaxed after the treatments. I perceived her as a motivated and experienced sports masseuse with a great gift for empathy. I can only highly recommend her.”

Gerry Martens

“Vielen Dank für dieses wundervolle Erlebnis. Mir als Lernenden hat es sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Du hast mir sehr viele neue Dinge zum Thema Massage beigebracht. Ich kann Stefanies Kurse sehr Empfehlen.“

Stefan Bauch

Kursteilnehmer, 4-Hand-Massage


Personalised therapeutic sports massage

My treatments are always personally customized and I will use different techniques depending on what is needed on the day of your massage. If you want to label my treatments, they are best described as therapeutic, healing sports massages and they will be strong, however I will be sensitive and caring at the same time.

From my experience I know that 1 hour is gone quickly. It is a good idea to give enough time to heal, depending on how regular you take a massage. There may be parts of your body asking for more medical/therapeutic attention and others who just need a moment of touch while others need to be stretched and held still for a while.

60 min.   |   85 €    | 100 $   

90 min.   | 110 €    | 130 $

120 min. | 130 €    | 150 $

Coaching session

“Emotional weight-lifting”

60 Min.    |   60 €    |  75 $

Health benefits
Preventing soreness

Pain release

Injury healing support

Active recovery


Improved circulation

Boosting immune system

Stress release


Body awareness

Deep relaxation

Reduces insomnia

Makes happier and healthier

Eventually it´s all about holistic human understanding.

If you agree, it´s not only your muscles that are overloaded. We can make more time to find out what is behind your issues.

I can read your body and help you translating your body´s language. Together we discover what it wants to tell you.

Be a team with your body again.


I speak German, English and Spanish.

Bookings via WhatsApp



On the move

• Do you want to fly me over?

• Do you need your athletes/ rockstars/ VIP´s to be taken care of?

• Do you need help in your team of therapists?

• Do you want to upgrade your event?

Hey, that´s great!

Just contact me for individual prices and schedule matching.

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