How does a massage boosts your immune system?

Jun 14, 2018Immune system, Sportmassage

How does a massage boosts your immune system?


It is fascinating for me to see, which consequences it has for the body, if generally or partially it’s not fully supplied with blood where it needs to be. A lack of blood flow is potentially the very primal cause of many more diseases than we are aware of in our daily life. At the same time this state is so easy to counteract!

Within relatively short time and with relatively simple applications, such as a massage, the circulation of blood flow in the body, just as your physical and psychological wellbeing, can be increased conclusively.


The “Cedar´s Sinai Medical Center” in Los Angeles confirmed that a single session of classical massage increases the number of lymphocytes in the blood significantly. These are the white blood cells, which we title as “health police” and they are responsible for the detection and prevention of bacteria and viruses. Gratifying, that the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline also dropped in the treated volunteers.

This proofs that a massage actually has a relaxing effect on you.


The origin of this wonderful chain reaction in such treatment happens through contact with the skin – or better explained through the nerves inside of the skin. These derive contact of any kind to the brain and from there also to the autonomic nervous system.

If the sympathetic nervous system is activated, for example in particular strain (stress), the substance noradrenaline is released. Although this leads to an increased efficiency, it leads to the narrowing of arterial blood vessels as well.

Interesting to know that the sympathetic nervous system increases its performance both – in fact & in perceived (!) load.


Now we understand better why permanent stress – whether physical or psychological – by the (over-) stimulation of sympathetic nervous system can lead not only to long term reduced blood flow but as a consequence to illness or even destruction of organ and tissue function.


Problems arise mainly when the compensation, the relaxation, is missing. Normally the antagonistic nerve – your parasympathetic nervous system is taking care of that. Besides metabolism it also serves the recovery and building the body’s own reserves. When we feel relaxed through this stimulation, our vessels, the welding and salivary glands are activated and things are starting to flow. Fine blood circulation means nutrients and vital oxygen transport in the body are guaranteed. Additionally the lymph can flow freely and thus strengthen the immune system incredibly. So a massage supports your metabolism while pathogens are excreted faster. This is where the detoxifying effect of a massage for you is coming from. Your vitality and health will be protected and you remain powerful while you enjoy a pleasant quality of life. Isn’t that fantastic? 


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